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No Longer Down Under.

Three weeks time off in beautiful Italy eating great food and drinking local vino was what the doctor prescribed, thanks doc, I feel much better. Now let's talk about the new kid on the block, the truly talented Singer-Songwriter hailing from Melbourne Australia, Sidney Rose. Music lovers, Rose is a future star in the making but as always don't just take my word for it. Her latest single "Guarantee" is a Pop powerhouse record with many magical elements that'll compete and take the top spot on any pop chart, listen for yourself, and thank me later.

Sidney Rose - Guarantee Instagram

Top 5 Of The Week

1. Kery James - Le mélancolique Instagram

2. Nadia Vaeh - Anxiety Instagram

3. Dotan - Numb Instagram

4. Jasmine Ash - Some Summer Instagram

5. Ayow - Outside Instagram

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